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5 Min Exercise: Star Sign Pageantry

Every once in a while I meet someone I really don’t like. I meet someone who is just everything I hate. Usually, a libra. Every once in a while it’s a Leo. A great politician. God, I hate politicians. This isn’t an original contention, but its true nonetheless. I studied political science, and hated every moment. I go to law school among all my other political science graduates, and I hate every student.

Maybe I’m just bitter lately. I am bitter, but maybe I hated this guy because I am bitter. Maybe it’s because I’m itchy because summer is filled with bugs.

Who shows up in a full suit. Who does that. This is a crusty building built in the early 2000 that became madly outdated in less than 20 years. There are fluorescent lights, and poly blend carpet. Save your high school graduation suit for your funeral, I’m assuming he ends up dying from a vape related injury.

It turns out that the Leo was a gemini, the kind I don’t like. The kind that think life is a performance. I know life is a performance. I don’t wear a mask:my face just just is one.


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