poetry · Update

The Pen Moves Again… Sort of …

I’ve been writing. However, It’s been poetry.

Legal writing has killed my creativity. Killed it dead. I could better write a warning for why you should not eat staples, with more ease and care than a story that is very close to my heart. My creative voice has been squashed, and replaced with one that over explains and drones till the point of exhaustion.

But luckily for me, the law is filled with exceptions. The exception to my 1.5 year + writers block is poetry.

I have a sick compulsion to write poems. Maybe I’ve been living, or rather maybe I wish I was living so desperately, I can put down my dreams on paper. succinctly of course.

The Plan:

I’ve written over 100 poems now. I am going to find a few people I trust to read them, and find their favorites. For six months I’m going to send out poems, and see what happens. If nothing occurs, I’m going to self publish them all in a collection that no one will read. However, if you are writing for other people, you’re doing it wrong.


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