8 minute writing exercise

God what to fucking write. I want to write something but what. I want to write something creative bu I’m tapped. Creation is tough and it is something that I am slowly finding to be more difficult for me. I suppose it is all the negative thinking I’ve been doin, especially when it comes to writing. I should probably start telling myself that I’m gods gift to the world because it is my understanding that that is what writers do. I don’t say this as a mere presumption An assumption sure, I have not met every writer but  Ihave met a few who adorn that title. You have to convince yourself that what you are writing is worth it. Worth the time frustration and hopefully worth a damn. I want to write characters that mean something and go to accomplish something meaningful I suppose maybe that is my problem, I know its fairy tale. No one ever does anything that is meaningful to the existence of the world. We can just hope to have meaning to on some smaller scale with no sense of grandeur. I guess thats what I want to write about which can be terribly boring, to me I want to create a universe that hinges on the existence of one person, because oddly enough that makes my life appear to have more of a meaning. My solution has always been to write until some story grabs me. Until I create characters with a story worth telling. I am still very much at the same place I have always been, where I don’t know what I want to say. What opinions of mine are worth producing. I know I just need to write, or try or whatever that nonsense is, but it is hard for me to hit the ground running unless I know where the finish line is. I like parameters, its why Im going into the field I am. I guess this is a start. I am a series of pseudo starts, hoping that this time I will pop the cherry, or rather pull the plug and all the ideas will come  gushing out. One can hope.


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