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So many changes.

My life is officially upside down. The love of my life began his journey in the army and law school is whipping by but somehow I am keeping up.

This is totally responsible for my hiatus. I have felt a little torn from myself in the passed couple of days or is it weeks? I haven’t had the drive to use my spare time to write.

I went into this month thinking maybe I would become super woman and do NaNoWriMo but alas I am mortal.

I have been a lot more open with people and so far I have been rewarded. Everyone seems to know my main burden and they have not exploited my weaknesses. I wouldn’t say my world view is changed but rather aware of some exceptions.

Chris and I have spent five nights apart and it has been two days since our last phone call. It weighs heavy on my heart.

I believe in karmaic soulmates, and I full heartedly believe his is mine. I think I am in tune with him even when he is so many miles away.

If all goes as planned I will see him at Christmas.

This is one of the reasons I haven’t been writing as much, this is solely occupying my mind, and I am not good at writing pure romance. Tainted romance I have a handle on, but I am one of the lucky few who has the pleasure of a near perfect connection with another person on this plaent.


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