My life in law school

My Life in Law School

Perennial Person in Law School. Yikes. 

school desk

Well it is exciting and thrilling and filled with more work than ordinary.

Since I was a full-time student and a full time worker during my bachelors I do not feel like I’m drowning… yet. There is a lot of work and a lot of stress but I feel competent and like I am actually making good use of my time.

A lot of books and paper are dying to make my life happen so I find myself feeling guilty and am doing my best not to litter and put more effort into recycling, in hopes of remedying my excessive use of resources. I hope the whales will forgive me.

I have been off of work and school since December so this is a welcome break from doing nothing. I am at a new step in towards my dream career.

I am not as confident as I would like to be, and I am far more self conscious.

I go to a very friendly school where everyone is nice and sweet and I don’t really feel like real me fits in yet. I haven’t let a single snipe loose and at times it has left me feeling a little distant from myself. I am the politically correct Chelsea now.

This is because these people are my colleagues. I will work with some of these people perhaps the rest of my life and it is just advantageous to be the nice version of myself. It is not disgenuine it is simply not balanced.

Other people are already forming what appears to be soul bonds with one another. Where I am politely smiling, nodding, and waving.

I hope as the weeks go on I can find some fellow students who can handle the biting nature in me. I take a while to open up, I consider myself a “Perennial Person”.

The schooling I can handle, or condition myself to handle, but the people will take some work.

It is only week 3 and I am still finding time to Blog, although I do feel incredibly guilty for spending any time away from my studies.

And onto week 3


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