“Can I look through your purse??”


Upon your request, I’m going to go through my purse today too! I loved your purse post Chelsea, it got me deep. I remember asking you this when I first met you because I loved watching what’s-in-your-purse videos online at the time. It’s like peering into someone’s soul in a bizarre way. Your soul has a fork in it haha.

I’m also going to try to stay true to the reality and just give you the whole of what is stashed in my black hole. Normally I like to go through my purse once a week and get rid of the random garbage that finds its way in there. However, I’ve been traveling and have had no time or mind to do it so you get to see Maryanne’s travel purse state.

Let’s also start with the purse itself. This purse was yours at one point in time and you graced…

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