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My life as a Scorpio

I am a Scorpio.


Astrology is something that everyone feels they know a little something about. As humans we are constantly looking for something to make sense of us. As much as the angsty teenager inside of us hates labels we also love them, because they give us a sort of diagnosis. I have mentioned my love and intense study of astrology before but I have been waiting a while to get into what it means to me personally. As a very Scorpion Scorpio I identify strongly with what I consider to be the actual scorpio traits.

Scorpios often get a bad rap. The general consensus according to the general populations is that we are moody sex-crazed individuals who are obnoxious and manipulative. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that these things aren’t true but they are definitely not the entirety of my being or a good grasp of my astrological sign. For some reasons Scorpios are labeled for their negative traits. It something that I have never found to be very fair. Taurus are fun to be around, Aquarians are dreamers, and as a Scorpio I am a “manipulative bitch”. I think as a scorpio female this is sort of degrading.  Why can’t someone look at me and see that as a Scorpio I am driven and can rise from the worst of circumstance. These are my defining traits. Those things are a much more solid foundation for who I am as a person.

However the short comings mentioned prior do have a place in my life and nature. An obsession with power and dominance wiggle their way into my life and I at times can succumb to my weaknesses. I can be spiteful and vengeful, just like all of you, except I”m really really good at it. That is really the problem with being a scorpio is that we are great at the things that can make a bad person bad. We are essentially the slytherins of the zodiac. Just like anyone else the goal is to rise above our flaws.

I have so much more to say about this and I will do my best to keep this segmen2456975518888t up.

Here is my birth chart in case any of you astrology lovers were curious. Let me know your thoughts on being a Scorpio! Or if any other signs get judged to harshly!


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