Thought of the Day

As a lover of written art I find myself getting lost in the magical nature of colloquiums. If you haven’t figured it out, I am a native english speaker, and I am no where near hearing all of phrases and hidden meanings that exist in the grouping of words. Mixed with our colloquiums we have superstitions. Superstitions transcend the majority of colloquiums and are perhaps the origin of some of the more notable phrases.

I would argue that there needs to be a superstition and perhaps a future colloquium for one major moment in particular: The moment when you grab the last piece of toilet paper and it is exactly enough. It is possible that I through you off with the word superstition and you have been implying a more negative build up but I am talking about a good luck magical moment, much like finding a penny heads up. It is lucky and fortuitous.

I think that the problem with lucky coins is that you have no idea how long they are lucky. It would make sense to me that a face up penny is only lucky as long a s a face up penny is facing upwards, which as soon as you collect it you have destroyed the luck that was resting silently on the top. I think that the last piece of toilet paper should give you luck for the whole day. Since you physically seize the luck and bring it to your body it only seems fair that it last the rest of the day.

I definitely have some kinks to work out, what should this be called and finish the debate on how long this luck should last but it was a thought and hopefully answers come soon.


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