Writer’s Block.


Yeah we all have it. We sit down and expect great things to happen, the words will flow freely to our fingers and appear on the screen creating and impressive word count, but instead at best it is a sentence. I must admit I am holding this hope as I type this memo now, waiting for my point to come, creating a stream of consciousness hoping for my subconscious to chime in and give this moment of my time meaning. Here I am. The only thing I can write about is not being able to write and I do this slowly without motivation. My head is stuck in two stories, One that I have been writing the other I am reading. I am emerged in the Name of the Wind series by Patrick Rothfuss and it has inspired me but also intimidated me. It makes my characters seem weak and underdeveloped. Although I hold the belief that most real people are very underdeveloped and painfully one dimensional. I like this realism but I can’t help but feel like my writing is a waste of time in comparison but unable to give up my craft I just succumb to the power of writer’s block. Evading my story like an old high school classmate at the grocery store. I had written a segment in one of my daily ten minute writings and I loved it. It helped me develop one of my characters however I have been hesitant to include it in my word document. I hate transcribing. It kind of takes some of the feeling out for me. Text is so plain and feelingless. It doesn’t have the inspiration in the very form of the written word like handwriting. It seems out of place. Maybe it is all just laziness or fear of commitment. I know I haven’t been writing but I suppose this is a start.


3 thoughts on “Writer’s Block.

  1. Its really good to know that you are starting to write. All the best with that i hope you write really well and put your heart in the words.
    Just to mention, Most of the people are not underdeveloped or painfully one dimensional. Everyone has the capability of all the five senses. some people possess the sixth one too. People just need a realisation of their power which is beneath the human skin deep down in the heart, little bit of it to work through their lives.
    I am trying to reduce the underdevelope-ness in people, Everyone needs a little push and a little help 🙂
    keep spreading smiles and Retain humanity i believe. Peace 🙂


      1. Yeahh i agree to that. But we are the saviours. We need to help those people who are typically shallow. By some means we need to do our bit so that they stop being what they are and start living a good life. If we believe that we have that power, if we believe that we can change things then we should surely contribute to it. I know everyone is really busy with their own life but helping others in living a better life is much of a good work. Karma will treat you in a better way if you do such good to people.
        Spread smiles, Retain Humanity.


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