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Name of the Wind Review


Name of the Wind is a beautiful book that I highly recommend to anyone who is remotely interested in Fantasy. The story has a perfect main character who I have fallen in love with. The plot is neat and tidy and is an explanation of story telling. It has a new take on magic and a clear view point on aspects of human nature. It is an easy read and I am already reading the second book in the series. The third is in progress and I am sure they will be on my list for reading.
It was a book that I savored. Every page I read delicately careful not to rush, like a mexican coke freshly bottled or the last piece of apple pie with the perfect ice cream ratio. This book meant something to me. It made me think and despite it being recommended to me and then something I recommend to others it still remained a personal experience like any good book should.
It is the kind of story that makes me envious. Envious that I don’t write like that and Envious of his premise, wishing I had come up with it. I am still waiting for my story in this genre to awaken. I wait patiently and will continue to read the works of others that I do not feel worthy of critiquing. Buy this book. It is on kindle for 5.99. You won’t regret it and if you do you probably don’t like to read or maybe not even know how.

I have become quite the fan girl so it will not be surprising if I post more about this book. I simply can’t fit it in this post when my head is still spinning from this book. I have the second one in my midst but alas I need to take a breath before I throw myself into the next book that will occupy my thoughts every moment that I am not awake.


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