I Confess My Unhealthy Reading Habits

This post came about from two things: First finishing a book I fell hard for and Second doing a “10 Minutes a Day” writing challenge. I hand wrote these thoughts originally because I think more whimsy when I write then when I type. So here it is. Unknown-3

 What are people outside of their rituals? This question comes to mind not because I am taking a stance on religion but rather the strange things I do that make me feel whole. Reading is important to me. It was my first passion after writing, which oddly came first. Reading was socially acceptable imagination and took me somewhere free of charge and without company. At the end of every book reading experience, that has made me feel and I have read to completion ends iwht me pressing my lips to it. I kiss the front and the back. I love it or respect it from its beginning to its end. Accepting it and appreciating it for the new thoughts and outlooks it has given me. Writing changes how we see things. Reading is how we most easily accept the musings of others. This process has made me who I am.
     I don’t know when I started kissing books. I would like to say it was when I read East of Eden, When I discovered how reading and writing effected me and most definitely other people . I hope it was that book. I want this so much either because my wanting had created pseudo-memories or it actually occurred. Either way I will call it the beginning. 
     I am not sure why I am embarrassed by this. Perhaps like all spirituality it makes me bashful. If reading and writing is not spiritual I can not fathom what is. Maybe it is simply that kissing a book is weird but I think for it is more of a sacred intimate moment. It Is very much a kiss goodbye for I will truly never know it again.


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