Creating a Setting

D&D is the ultimate way to learn how to tell a story. Through characters mostly as is any good story

Gaming the System

Hello world

I decided to kick things off with a DM (Dungeon Master) tutorial. Starting with one of the more grueling aspects of DMing, the setting. I’ll be making posts about Dungeons and Dragons specifically, but these should be useful for any rpg.

When I say setting I mean the geography, history, politics, magic, technology, industries, and everything else that goes into making an interesting story for roleplayers. As the DM, your job is to know the world really well, enough to give accurate reactions to the player’s actions. If there is a section of unmapped land or a city without interesting locations, you’ll need to make it up on the fly and doing this often is not desirable. It’s impossible to plan every nook and cranny that your players will explore, and you shouldn’t try to. Instead you should aim for just enough depth to give a good feel…

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