not so original thought “I hate the dentist”


Since I was a little kid I have always hated the dentist. I know that no kid particularly likes the dentist but hate is an accurate word. I would rather go to the doctor and get ten shots then have my teeth cleaned. I hate the sounds and I hate everything about it. It hurts. They always tell you to come back. They always tell you you are doing something wrong and they ask you questions when they have their hands in your mouth as if you could answer and not sound like an idiot. My childhood dentist recently retired and left me with the successor of his practice. She has awful bedside manner and told me all the ways I was doing things wrong and not listening to what I had to say at all. I have a few topical cavities and she treated me like I eat sugar cubes and glass shards for breakfast. I have to go back tomorrow and I am not looking forward to it. Clearly. I realized that I hate all doctors that probe any of my orifices. I think it’s weird and I understand that it is “a part of life” but that is no excuse for it to be stupid and gross. Here is my tantrum. You know a little rant to remind everyone and myself that I am cranky.


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