Astrology is part of my Spirituality, yes you read that right.

Unknown-7First and foremost it is important to say that if your knowledge of astrology is found in horoscopes from magazines you are too uninformed to judge it properly. Astrology is written off as vague mumbo jumbo before it is critiqued like a normal thought process. It is something that requires studying and a depth that is not shown in the general connotation of astrology. Second I am not trying to prove to anyone that this is a legitimate thing or that it is the right way to think, I am simply sharing why this ancient process has become an active part in my spirituality. Third I don’t have a third point.

I suppose I have yet to give a definition for what spirituality means to me, this is something I should write it’s own post for but since I am an insomniac there is no reason why I can’t do it now. Spirituality is getting in touch with myself, others and the universe, the universe includes everything that can be seen and that which can not. Spirituality is for finding inner peace and understanding. It is to better myself and to become an active part in preserving the good that is still in the world. For me that is what this all means. That is why I am spiritual. My spirituality consists of many different parts, but one of these parts is indeed astrology.

Simply put astrology is the study of how the solar system influences our lives (not just our basic personality like the newspaper would suggest). This is often the first statement that turns people off. Why would these things affect our lives, why would that mean one thing and so forth, but there are two answers to that question: 1. Expand the idea of Newton’s third law:For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. 2. This is the same question that organized religious groups are asked on the daily and simply put we have not found that answer yet.  Astrology has become a legitimate outlet for me and has been accepted into my ideologies because I have had some intense experiences using this method. It has helped me understand people and has allowed me to “diagnose” people with there star sign within moments of meeting them with around a 60% success rate. This isn’t of course enough to explain why it matters to me spiritually but it can give you an idea as to why I find value in it.

Astrology has allowed me to understand people in a way that I couldn’t comprehend before. I feel that I have gained insight into how people who are different from me think and I have been able to accept people more easily. It has given me answers to tough questions. Most importantly it has brought me an intense amount of self awareness. As someone who has tried to introspective their whole life I did not realize that there were parts of myself that had gone unnoticed or ignored. I have become more of a whole person and therefore a happier person. Introspection is the key to a healthy and happy self. Astrology has explained me to me in a perspective i have not considered and has opened my eyes to many benefits of connecting with my spiritual self that had been buried. This has helped me achieve inner peace that has proved so important to my happiness and my spirituality.

For those of you who are wondering, I am a scorpio 🙂


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