Why assuming men hate women and assuming in general is just plain stupid and down right a waste of your own time, ladies.


I have heard it said by numerous women: “it is because I am a (woman/girl/female) isn’t it?”  and frankly I hate it. I tend to hate any group that stereotypes a large group by the actions of a few people. We are not guilty from the short coming of our peers, we are responsible for ourselves. We are responsible to monitor and control our behavior, as people.

I find it irritating when women assume a man disagrees or doubts a woman because of her gender. This is a huge jump and should be used cautiously like calling someone respected a racist. It isn’t something to be tossed around. Whenever I hear this happen it is usually when said woman is loosing an argument or receiving criticism. It is in every way I can think of a cop out. It is saying that you assume the other person is actively trying to disrespect you, instead of considering the idea that the logic is flawed. This is very much like when a child does bad on an assignment and says “the teacher hates me” when really the child did not follow the assignment. It is forcing others to take responsibility and I find it very counter productive.

Equality is something that needs to be reached in every way, I can agree to that. However I think we are still very much in the cast blame stage, where one side blames the other and that side feels trapped so they just quietly resent each other until the more aggressive side wins. This is not a man’s or woman’s issue. This is not boys vs. girls. This is lets all be people and be cool to people. It is not “men need to be taught to rape” or “girls need to protect themselves” it is andI know it is not an original thought but I feel like it is so simple to see that when we isolate the issue we make it the other sides problem, and equality will forever be a “feminine” problem until we all realize that we need to come together and be people and do people things and have all people learn people lessons to be cool to people. In conclusion: Why can’t we just be cool and not assume anything out of anyone and just be cool people doing cool people things in a cool people world. Ok i’m done now.


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