spirituality is not about being right or wrong or anything in particular


When did everyone get together and decide that spirituality is about being right? I suppose the easy answer is to blame it on religious community elitism but I think that is an excuse. I am not talking about groups of people I am talking about the individuals who balance their faith and religion on being right. I refuse to believe that “being right” is what is important about spirituality and religion. As soon as it becomes a necessary stipulation in your world view it becomes the number one goal. The common thought is “It has to be right in order for me to believe it”. I understand the general idea behind this thought because for most this determines the possibility of an afterlife but what about right now? What is the purpose for religion in the present, not tomorrow or in heaven or the next place or whatever but right now. In my opinion religion should do something for us every moment of every day.

I would consider myself a spiritual person and I have found that spirituality serves us as humans. It gives us something to grab onto, to give us hope and comfort. I believe that his philosophy still works when applied to religions that place a heavy focus on worship. Although the goal is to serve the deity, as humans we are serving to benefit ourselves. Religion and Spirituality are a gift in order to help us find ourselves and inner peace. I think it is easy to say our goal as people should be to be the best people we can be. I would further imply that we must be the happiest we can be in order to be at our best.We need to be happy with ourselves and our world view in order to push forward in the world with any sort of momentum.

I am not saying that spirituality is necessary for happiness, I have found it to be the case throughout my own journey, but I have seen that for many people it is impossible to be at peace without it. Frankly there are questions we can’t answer and things we will probably never know, Personally I think that we need to be at peace with this idea. Whether for you being at peace means believing that some entity holds these answers or simply that these questions simply don’t pertain to you, you need something to help you sleep at night. For me it is becoming a spiritual person. For me spirituality is accepting life and finding beauty it what is in front of me, It is not searching for answers in search of happiness, it is searching for answers out of curiosity for the happiness is already within me.


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