Beauty’s Beholding


Beauty is beholding 
Beauty is fleeting 
There is nothing you can say 
To keep you from leaving 
You walk out the door 
Like the others before you 
And you won’t turn around when I say your name 

I remember that december 
When you held your hand inside of mine
You said it was forever
I was your only endeavor
And that our love would stand to time

You’ve got my heart 
Sewn on your front pocket 
They say that some things will never change
Like when you said her name instead of mine

Now I wait here
Like a masterless shadow
Waiting for that old sun to rise

There’s nothing better than a welcome distraction
A broken infraction 
To keep you from getting home
I’ve been lost before
I’ve been found again
There isn’t winning without a losing end

Beauty is Beholding 
Beauty is Fleeting


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