Big Fish


There is something magnificent to be said about being a big fish in a little pond, something comfortable about it. A small pond is warmer and hugs you in and doesn’t ignore you. Being the biggest fish is devouring any opposing force and I don’t see what is wrong with this. Why do I have to leave when I outgrow my pond. Why do I have to be challenged. Why is life more about rigorous reward than microcosmic success. If there are no small parts in a play why are we all expected to shoot for the lead. Why can’t I have my piece of comfort with my success. I left my old pond and became a small fish in a place that was only filled with small fish and I remained a small fish because there were no fish smaller for me to eat, we were all identical in size and just hoped someone would drop some flakes in our big pond. Back in my home pond some people know me and some people recognize my success but now applying to graduate school I am torn between a small pond and a lake. A lake that my small fish status will be a constant obsession or a place where I can grow easily and succeed and maybe find myself a tributary to swim up when the time is right. I want to be a big fish in a little pond, why is that wrong? why is that selling myself short?


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