Cinderella 2015 Review

Unknown-2Cinderella has been advertised heavily and has dragged all movie-goers from their homes, even if it is just for the Frozen short: Frozen Fever. Long story short it is worth seeing. It follows the cartoon classic with additives of plot to make it a little more dynamic. A prince with expectations meets his mystery love. The film was absolutely stunning and colorful and the paradigm of romanticized fairy tale. The acting was great and the dialogue light hearted and well thought out.

The animated Cinderella was not one of my VHS tapes that was worn and tattered from over use. Cinderella made me anxious as a child and weighed heavy on me due to the topic of grief. However in this setting I felt like I saw the fairytale aspect for the first time, I saw the magic and why it is a beloved telling. I thought the lead actress, Lily James was flawless and is currently my new girl crush.

I was surprised to see that disney was quick to show their humor and actually echoed the same type of humor that is in their animated films. I can quite put my finger on it but I have noticed that the humor between the live action and the animated has always been different but this film seemed to do a nod towards animated humor without being too corny.

It met my expectations and was very entertaining by the very least. However I must confess that my review may be skewed because I had one of the worst movie theatre experience of my life. It consisted of the volume being way to loud in the theatre and three people behind me trying to speak over the booming of the speakers throughout the ENTIRE movie. They were even giving constant plot summaries in spainish to one another and this arguing about them. it was pretty terrible. So I may relevaluate an a later date but for now, like most disney films it is worth seeing.


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