Try not to emulate

As a writer I tend to get inspired when reading the work of other authors. I read something I like or simply an amazing story and I too want to do the same. However my biggest problem is that I get inspired by concept more than anything else. I tend to get inspired by ideas that I wish I would have thought of myself. The problem is this inspiration is so strong I am compelled to write but then I feel that every thought I have is far from original. I feel like if I write something now it might sound too similar like a terrible fan fiction. There is one sort of balance that I have yet to find, That between awe, inspiration, and original thought.


2 thoughts on “Try not to emulate

  1. Inspiration can be the birthing ground for an original idea.
    Myself I have more of a passion for the way a writer, ‘writes’. I call it the icing on the cake, where the author takes a simple scene and enriches it with his use of words to make the reader literally hunger for more.


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