Review on Still Alice


Still Alice was very sad. It is after all a movie about early onset Alzheimer’s that slowly decays the brilliant Alice’s mind. I have not read the book and am simply referring to the movie that came out this past friday. Julianne Moore earned her oscar and did heartbreakingly well. The film faded in and out of certain scenes and moments making the watcher not trust their own memory. It was beautiful imagery without being too “in your face”. It is hard to say that this movie was not well done. The essence of truth could be felt through various scenes and I was not surprised when I found out that it is very much a true story. The film brings awareness to a disease that is often thought of as “an old persons” disease and something that simply comes with old age. To watch her mind slowly decay was an experience I will not soon forget. I am personally a believer in quality of life over quantity, and this movie brings into question this very thought process.  The dialogue was clean and the tension was good. I honestly could not ask for more when it comes to Drama. Even Kristen Stewart managed to have teary eyes. The acting was good and I connected to the main character.  The main character most definitely was a good representation of a scorpio female. I felt her struggle for power within herself and learning most to accept.  You will connect to this character no matter who you are.

Would I recommend?

yes. it is a tear jerker but a quality film none the less.


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