Review on Chappie

Review on Chappie


Chappie got an absurd amount of hate that I simply did not think was justified. it was abnormal in the way the plot flowed but it was unique and a very interesting concept. It was not so much a movie about a stupid robot as it was a movie about the idea of consciousness and it that is where our humanity lays. Unlike District 9 it was not pushing a political statement, well only one political statement. It seemed that the film was presenting ideas and letting the viewer power these thoughts along with the characters. I also enjoyed that it was very much about the characters and not as much about “hey look at these cool effects”. I thought that the pacing was good and the plot was interesting enough for me to pay attention. There were some character moments that felt a little forced. There were also a lot of negative characters which could be perceived as just representing the shortfalls that exist within humanity. It did however seem to glamorize gang life but I suppose that is no different than most pop culture. Speaking of pop culture, the main characters were played by a South African music group and that provided it’s own quirks. As non actors their acting could be considered fair. My biggest problem which was a simple one was the small amount of storage that our consciousness could fit into. I may be tooting my own horn but I think my “self” would take up more than a flash drive.
Would I recommend?

Yes. It is something different and was at the very least entertaining. 


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