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Another Book Read. Dr. Faustus by Christopher Marlowe

Dr. Faustus by Christopher Marlowe

This is the second book of the fifty I plan to read in the next 2.5 years during my 101 in 1001, I suppose it is technically a play but it is a cover with paper pages in between so I will call it a book for all intensive purposes. I read Dr. Faustus by Christopher Marlowe and I was not disappointed.

Who is that?

Christopher Marlowe is the best guy your english teacher never told you about. He wrote the pieces that inspired some of Shakespeare’s greatest works but was not muddled down by muddled romances and unnecessary motifs. He is quick to the point but more important scandalous. He lived fast and hard and died at the age of 29 rumored to be a spy. He was basically my hero and when I master the ability to perform a séance I will reach out to him and prepare for the ride of my life.

What was it about?

The play is about a theologian who trades his soul for all the answers of the universe as well as all earthly pleasures. He enjoys these pleasures for 24 years until Lucifer comes to reap his soul. If there were anything more sacrilegious than this rather short play I would be surprised. He was certainly the most crude writer of his era and it shows in my favorite scene where Dr. Faustus slaps the Pope. Yes the Pope. It is an over the top story about what a man’s soul is worth and if the answers are worth having.

Would I recommend it?
Yes if you love history and don’t mind the language nuances of the late 1500s. If my brief summary sounded interesting to you read it. It is a trip. I love it because it was absurd that a play this controversial was shown and they actual drew summoning circles on the stage. He was a bold writer during a subdued time. With that bit of context I consider it a must.


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