Why the Male Perspective?

As a strong female, I am asked often why I choose to write from the male perspective in my fiction work. it is no secret that it is not usually recommended to write from the opposing gender’s point of view. Having have went to a liberal university there were plenty of females who would read my work and see me as betraying my gender. I don’t see it like. I like to pick men for main characters and narrators for many reasons. First and foremost It is because I am fascinated by the idea of men trying to figure out women and ultimately choosing to love someone they don’t understand. It is more or less something that I wish to explore and not so much a representation of my societal beliefs. I love a strong female character and I write from his perspective in order to show her depth and tenacity as alluring. I may be alone in this but it tends to be more often than not that your narrator or main character can be the most unaware of their innermost self.  I lie writing about sure people, and having a character find their own awareness through observation. I also can not write from any female perspective that is not so much mine, anyone who reads it and knows me, will think that I am more narcissistic than they already think I am. Everything I write has a twinge of a love story it and in order to do that well I write from his perspective. It is becoming who I am as a writer, andI will continue to push my self as a writer but writing some new is not synonymous with writing well.


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