Review on Horns


Horns: Currently on Netflix 

Basic Plot: The plot was an interesting twist on the classic idea of, “my girlfriend is dead,did I do it”. Daniel Radcliffe, who hand an amazing american accent soon sprouts horns after his beloved’s death. These horns have an effect on the members of the town, everyone around him expresses their darkest thoughts to him. With horns on his head Radcliffe attempts to figure out what happened to his girlfriend.

What is Different About It? Unlike most films emerging in this genre, there was not too much thought on wondering if he was the murderer. Normally I like an unreliable narrator and almost require one in murder mysteries but because of all the supernatural influences it would have been severely out of place and hard to follow .

Supernatural Stuff?: Angels and Demon traits are a thing, and the movie takes a stance on the idea of god’s involvement. Hey, the effects weren’t bad.

Did I like it? Yes. It was original and different. The movie was a little long for my liking but ultimately entertaining (it had an R rating).  The dialogue was interesting and I am usually a fan of flash backs.

What I didn’t like? The length mainly, there were slight plot jumps but overall it was easy to follow.
Would I recommend it? Yes, it’s free on Netflix. Also Check this Out Radcliffe on Conan promoting the film:


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