There Once Was A Time

  • There once was a time, when i rode this road, in search of him. In search of the one thing that made me feel lost, lost and confused, a form of hurt and abused, but see I was the kind of lost that a gps cant get you out of. Sure, I could turn left, turn right in a quatermile, No u turns. But no satelite could ever bring me home,because that home was gone, he sucked it dry like a popculture vampire leaving nothing behind but the things I didnt even want about myself, taking all the good things with no intent of return and thats larceny.

    But just like a bandit in a cowboy film you have no regaurds for laws, moral ethical or otherwise. but see im John Wayne,  badge on my chest, executioner to my left, ready to take you to the center of town, reintroduce you to that hitching post and corse rope around your neck.

    But suffering is not the sweetness in revenge, its the nothings in my ears, no longer  whispers from a serpentile tounge, but words from the golden lips of an angel sent here to be my gaurdian to protect me from the evils of today but more importantly from my yesterdays,

    now I have someone to refurnish that home, to supply me with furniture that i can lean, on depend on. Not only do i have the necesseties for a house, but the accents of a home like the times when he’s driving my car and i’m watching him watch me out of the corners of his eye, I roll down the windows listening to the songs we grew up with, They were right when the said that the world was gonna roll me, and i’ll never claim to be the sharpest tool in the shed but as i ride this road, windows down and music blaring, I know where i’m going , I know where I’ve been, and having a copilot to take me home, its sweeter than any kind of revenge.


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