Blackened : Free Verse

happiness missing

ignorance blistering,

turning my skin black

the rosiness gone

life lost before dawn

its just dead

the twinkle in my eye is dull

words dissolve before you say

I love you

I guess its burn out

and the flame is now about

the ground

It’s cold wet and hard

like a broken vase with a missing shard

it will never look the same

to you

I will see it every day

wilting flowers dead and gray

leaving a ring on the table

don’t worry will buy a cloth

and put it on when guests come over

but when its just you and me

and you are choosing not to see

the corpse to your left

the best is better than you think

clean the parchment wipe the ink

before it dries.

Don’t forget to wipe the crust from my sleeping face

happy dreams for me to chase


all the mourning that is done

between the moon and the sun

into my pillow case

I say i’m happy

You will always make me happy

until one day

I”m not.

I remember all the battles that you fought

all the times you thought

you’d stop the rain

Oops there’s a leak

forgive the squeak

that your sink makes when you turn it to quickly

its not my fault


Watch me like you do that screen

but not to closely for I have seen

the deserted lonely being

that looks back in the mirror

skin charred


perfect hair tangled

eyes dull and dead

framing a face

thats been blackened


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