Why Articles Titled “Don’t Read That Book” Make Me Uncomfortable

My Opinions on Opinions Against Fifty Shades of Grey

100% a rant

Unknown-1Unless you live on deserted island and have no tablet and access to internet you have probably heard that Fifty Shades of Grey is coming out on Friday. I personally have read the book and find it literary garbage for various reasons, but admittedly I am intrigued by the idea of this film. The film is Rated R, and based on the assumption it follows the book closely, will indeed be steamy. However what has me talking about this film before I’ve seen it, are all the articles circulating on Facebook, that urge christian Women not to see it. Exibit A:
and exhibit B:

This article, like any most anti-Grey propaganda urge christian women not too see this film due to the “sinful nature”. They see this behavior as tempting and so forth, and whatever. Personally I find this argument to match those of the anti-yoga pants organizations who state that women shouldn’t wear yoga pants because it tempts men. I understand how adhering to beliefs, even those which I see as unreasonable, is their right and what they see as important to their faith. I do not have a problem with content of these articles as much as I have with the fact they exist. I find it troubling that when looking for an answer to what is right in their religion they don’t consult their holy book but rather a random stranger on the internet. Using the internet to justify their religious decisions seems strange to me. It seems obvious to me that people who try to abstain from “sin” should not watch a movie about premarital kinky sex(taking on the perspective of a christian). I find that these articles face a sense of false justification when bible verses are strung throughout.  The women who post them also urge other christian women to read the article. As if to say, You haven’t decided if this is wrong, but someone else has so you should just listen to them. I would argue that in some ways it spreads ignorance. I understand that this argument is 100% my implication but this is a blog, so when you are reading my blog you get my inferences. I also find it amusing that more likely than not the christian men and women have not even read the book that they are preaching against. The article is very general and doesn’t even mention the other controversial topics being brought up such as BDSM.
Although it has been documented that the BDSM movement is not pleased with this movies release due to the misrepresentation of their interests, I personally would love to here a religious leaders interpretation of BDSM and if it is sinful if it is within a married household. There are a lot of topics that could be discussed from a christian point of view but instead, the articles focus on the shame that a sexually active female should feel (assuming she’s not married). Whenever I see women posting these articles on Facebook I just get uneasy. I find religious beliefs something that should be used for a personal peace and center and not propaganda. Bleh. Now I just feel dirty.


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