Timer: A Review


Timer: Currently Available on Netflix! 

I think it is safe to assume that everyone has access to netflix nowadays, and not so much funds to see movies weekly. I think it is also known (although not stated) that more often than not (with the exception of great films that are on for a limited amount of time) most films on netflix are frankly garbage or cartoons. We all use Netflix to binge watch our favorite tv shows, not so much to watch unseen movies. However due to my own financial status, and my exhaustion off series on Netflix, I began to watch movies that I hadn’t heard of on Netflix. The first was Timer.

Basic Info on Timer: it came on in 2009. Honestly I don’t care much for directors, and I could pretend I knew about this director but honestly it would just be whatever info I found on imdb.

The Plot: The plot is one of the few films with an original idea, that translated well to film. The basis premise was about the emergence of a new product, that was a timer, that ticked down to the moment that an individual would meet their soul mate. The film followed the story of a neurotic female around thirty, looking for the man of her dreams, encapsulating the panic and pressure that many women feel today. However it wasn’t just a love story, but had interesting commentary on the implantation of this technology. Essentially turning romantic love into a computed formula was a topic of dialogue throughout the film. The dialogue was well written and the acting was fair, and the cinematography was good, and the tension was spot on.

Did I like it?: Yes, It kept me entertained. The plot had me, and the ideas were intriguing and the overall idea was fresh.

Would I recommend it?: Yes, not only is it free (assuming you have netflix) but it is unique and follows an interesting line of events. It is definitely a dramady which happens to be my favorite genre.


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