Review on Wedding Ringer


The Wedding Ringer

Since it is a comedy, my general review will be a little more lax on the plot and more focused on humor being rated. Since I mentioned plot, it actually had an entertaining string of events.

Was it Funny?

Yes. I found myself laughing throughout the majority of the film. The openining scene was a little slapstick for my liking but the rest of the film had an almost satire/parody aspect. The film was making fun of a lot of wedding requirements, and being a woman in my early twenties, a lot of these references had me laughing.It wasn’t dependent on wedding humor and my boyfriend,(who hates 95% of all comedies) stated that he enjoyed the film as well.  There was also a fair amount of quotable phrases and enjoyable situational humor. It was over the top, but the tempo was just that, over the top, so nothing felt out of place. At the very least it was entertaining. Kevin Hart was entertaining and if you are a fan of his comedy you will enjoy the majority of this film. There was one scene that involved the dog that I think may have been unnecessary however the scene was closed with a funny one liner sooo eh, on that scene. But overall: Funny

Was it Cliche?

Comedies are always a little bit cliche, but this movie did have an atypical ending. Since it was definitely a comedy as opposed to a romantic comedy, it escaped some cheesy plot devices. It was a feel good and I think it is easy to see that “feel goods” will always require fulfillment for all of the “good” characters mentioned or at least the promise for happiness.

Did it have a point?

I actually thought that the film had an opinion on what I have called Nice Guy Syndrome. Nice Guy Syndrome refers to a self proclaimed nice guy who expects women to fall in love with him just because of his “niceness”. The main character in this film did not expect women to flock to him however it did show what kind of woman that plain niceness brought. I am not trying to minimize how importance kindness is, however being nice is not enough. The main character feels that he has lived an empty life and realizes what he is missing out on when he hires Kevin Hart to get together a group of groomsmen. At the end of the film we realize that his empty personality and blanket kindness is reflected in the woman that he had chosen to marry. I could elaborate more but I am not one for spoilers. I thought that the progression in plot represented a more accurate path that “nice guys” are more likely to follow as compared to the Ted Mosby life path seen in HIMYM. Ultimately I thought this movie made sense and hand clear direction.

Would I recommend it?

If you are looking for a comedy then simply put yes. If you want the best movie in theatre, I would say pass. Ultimately for comedies that have been released in the past six months, this might be my favorite.


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