Review On Inherent Vice


Confusion does not make it art. 

Ultimately I do not agree with the critics. I found the plot of this movie confusing and difficult to follow. I have found that in hollywood, if something is difficult to take in is “art”. As an avid reader, movie watcher, and harsh critic, I found it to be more irritating than anything else. Unfortunately I have not read the book so I can not speak to the adaptation of the film. However if the film did anything, it was ignite the desire to read the book.

There are a lot of characters. 

The multitude of characters were intriguing however there was not enough time to understand these characters, or understand their importance to the plot, the narrator, and the main character. I felt myself having to imagine why the characters mattered to each other.  The plot and character development seemed to be moving separately which made it difficult for any linear plot to really exist. In my opinion it would have been easier to relate, and easier to follow if the amount of characters had been decreased because I left feeling like a knew a little bit about 20 characters. It was also not even clear the relationship between the protagonist and the narrator. I had no real idea about why the minor characters mattered to the major characters. I needed more.

Purpose of Dialogue 

The dialogue is what kept me somewhat interested in this film. However, the movement of the plot was done half heartedly through the conversations. There were beautiful one liners, and comical moments that were entertaining but ultimately they were lost among the jumps in story line.

Would I Recommend it?

This is a complicated question. I love seeing movies and it is something I spend most of my recreational funds on. Very rarely would I say not to see a movie, unless its 2014 Ride Along, which may have been the dumbest movie I have ever seen. If you see a couple movies a month, it is an interesting way to spend a few hours. If you are only seeing one movie this month, I say pass.


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