Paper Towns Review


As part of my 101 in 1001, I set out to read 50 books. The first book I read was Paper Towns by John Green, it came heavily recommended by my boyfriend. I previously had only read Fault in Our Stars, and was every interested in John Green’s character intensive writing style. Ultimately I found the book entertaining but I am not sure if I enjoyed reading it.

  It was frustrating to read, for a few reasons each of which have sub reasons. Reason Number 1? I hate Margo.

I hate Margo for mainly two reasons: Jealousy and Vapidity.
Jealousy: For a very long time I use to want to be like Margo Roth Spiegelman. I craved having stories like hers, and in some ways I can compete with her outlandish stories and need to plan, and no fear of abusing charisma, but ultimately I lack some of her ill placed courage. There was something effortless about her, but so entirely selfish I could not commit to that kind of reckless behavior. But more than my small want to be a Margo, I hate her for her vapidness. Although she is aware of being a “paper girl” I find the love that Q has for her completely misplaced. The feelings he has for her, in my opinion, require depth. To me she will always be shallow. I believe that depth she does not have is accredited to her. I believe that some people really are Margo Roth Spiegelman Shallow. Most people I think are two dimensional at best, and perhaps this makes me sound cruel but my thought process is simple. If there is a person as deep as I am, than there is one equally as shallow.

Reason number 2? I simply can’t relate. (or maybe I’m just bitter)

When I was in high school I wanted this experience. I wanted a love story fueled by infatuation and tragedy but I never had one, at least one like this. This book found the part of me that still wishes I had this experience. Or perhaps it makes me wish I had a different one. The parallels that this book had to my life, were mainly depressing. I did have a boy in love with me (for a very turbulent six weeks) but he was in love with me for who he wanted me to be, for what he wanted from the experience. In return I convinced myself into loving him back, for the same one way selfish reasons. I was never desired for who I was and maybe thats the sore point. Sure I have achieved this in my adulthood, but that little high school me deep inside is still angry that she never got asked to a dance. Maybe I wish I was more like Margo, who blew off her prom, or maybe its because I wanted someone like Q in my adolescence. I found myself screaming at Q telling him that Margo was not worth his time, and he was lying to himself. So maybe I’m just bitter, Maybe I’m just rambling.

Why I liked It. 

The Characters in this book were absolutely lovable, well aside from Margo. I found the humor natural and light hearted. I enjoyed the narrator, and the beautiful symmetry throughout. It did make me feel. Although it wasn’t a lighthearted feeling that I was expecting, I did find myself being introspective, which of course is a sign of great writing and a compelling prose.

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