101 in 1001

My 101 in 1001

I find that I am basically a control freak and frequently stay home over new experiences. I like the way I am and it is productive but I am afraid that the Bad Ass in me that ruled my High School self is depleting and this is an attempt to revive her. Some of these tasks may not scream badassery, but I would also like to increase productivity. So here we go! I am ready to do this so let’s see what happens. Here is my list:

  1. Go to Salinas and go to the Steinbeck House
  2. Get into law school
  3. Get something published
  4. Get ten more copies of East of Eden
  5. Finish a 0 to 20 dnd campaign
  6. read 50 books for leisure
    1. Paper Towns by John Green
    2. Dr. Faustus by Christopher Marlowe
    3. Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss
    4. Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss
    5. 12 Angry Men by Reginald Rose
    6. Doctor Sleep by Stephen King
    7. Looking For Alaska by John Green
    8. An Abundance of Katherines by John Green
    9. A Slow Regard to Silent Things
    10. Will Grayson, Will Grayson
    11. Clockwork Orange
  7. Go to Big Sur during off season
  8. Go to the East Coast
  9. Make 3 more quality friends
  10. Get in the best shape of my life
  11. Go wine tasting
  12. Make a recipe book
  13. put an unnatural color in my hair
  14. get a pentakill
  15. learn sabre
  16. Get Money for something I’ve written
  17. Craft once a month for three months
  18. Go to 10 concerts
    1. Cherry Glazzerr and No Parents
  19. indulge in one fad
  20. Receive a legitimate pay check
  21. Start a blog I post on at least  once a week 
  22. Use a planner for at least a month
  23. Go to Disneyland
  24. Drive up highway 1
  25. Have a day where I only say yes
  26. Go to a tv show taping
  27. don’t nag Chris for a week
  28. sit through an entire game of poker
  29. Go to Vegas with friends
  30. Do cosplay
  31. Watch all Harry Potter movies in sequence
  32. Become a regular

  33. buy a tea infuser and use it.

  34. go to fun halloween party
  35. Have a bonfire at the beach
  36. know all the world capitals
  37. See a play done by a professional company
  38. Go on a day hike
  39. Do an open mike
  40. Get my mom an awesome birthday present
  41. meditate twice a week for a month
  42. keep my room clean for a month
  43. Get rid of most of my clutter
  44. Get an alcoholic beverage on an airplane
  45. Surprise Chris
  46. don’t back seat drive Chris for a week
  47. Do some sort of “random acts of Kindness” program
  48. learn how to smile for pictures
  49. pair my socks when I take them out of the dryer, for at least a months worth of laundry
  50. Write for ten minutes a day for a month
  51. Run in 3 5ks
  52. learn to shoot a gun properly
  53. Take a dance class, with Chris
  54. Not be a control freak for a whole day
  55. Volunteer
  56. See the constellation Scorpio
  57. Go to three museums
  58. Take a Big Trip (outside of California
  59. successfully fly a kite
  60. Compliment 30 people
  61. Invite someone eating alone to eat with me
  62. Don’t eat out for a whole week
  63. Plan a trip to Europe
  64. learn how to play one of the instruments I already have
  65. Go to a comedy show
  66. Take a self defense class
  67. Contact all of my Arizona friends at least once ever three months
  68. Spend a night under the stars
  69. Go to Catalina with Chris
  70. Not complain for a whole week
  71. Spend a half hour outside everyday for a month
  72. Floss twice a day for two weeks
  73. Find an everyday light jacket that I actually like
  74. Create a professional email and make an email just for accounts
  75. Take my Steinbeck reenactment photo
  76. Take a cpr class
  77. give up sweets for a month
  78. Go to a bizarre themed party, even if I have to throw it myself
  79. Watch a sunrise and sunset on the same day
  80. learn to walk in heels
  81. learn to ski or snowboard
  82. go skating
  83. get my passport
  84. have a picnic
  85. subscribe to a fiction magazine
  86. make a kickstarter
  87. plant a tree
  88. Trick someone on April fools
  89. make my own online quiz
  90. Encourage someone to complete a dream or kick a habit
  91. Get an autograph
  92. Write a Satire
  93. Crash a Wedding
  94. set someone up on a blind date
  95. make a video that is funny enough to go viral
  96. Go to a hockey game
  97. spend a day in a bikini and rock it
  98. Visit someone while they are at work
  99. go to a gay bar
  100. Have a drink in every new city I go to
  101. Document this whole list for everyone to see

2 thoughts on “My 101 in 1001

  1. These are very great goals! I especially love your writing goals and your goals involving other people (i.e. to set someone up for a blind date 🙂 ) I’m sure you will have a lot of fun accomplishing them. Good luck!


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